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Rubber Anti-vibration Mounts

Antivibranti in gomma TSPP

The TSPP, a practical rubber anti-vibration mount with a lightweight aluminium alloy protective cap, easily resolves a wide range of problems related to disturbance from vibration.

As a vibration isolator it can be placed at the base of industrial machinery, machines for working sheet metal and air-conditioning units in buildings.

Its low height also makes it suitable for additional vibration reduction required after the initial installation of machinery and equipment.

A version of the TSPP mount with a steel seating plate is used to isolate structure-borne noise from pianos in residential environments.

Features / benefits

  • wide range of load capacities, from 50 to 1500 daN
  • reduced thickness
  • oil and solvent resistant nitrile-based elastomer
  • availability of spare parts with possible replacement of the elastomeric component alone
  • detachable and recyclable aluminium alloy parts


Applications of use