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Consulting and Engineering Support

Vibrostop’s technical office supports customers throughout the entire process of isolating vibrations and shocks, from the analysis of the problem and the applicable standards to the choice of the most effective means of isolation and assessment of performance.

As an aid to the selection and design activities, the technical office uses 3D CAD programs, rigid body / concentrated parameters analysis methodologies at 6 degrees of freedom, finite element modeling (FEA) and experimental activities.

Technical office

Support for the selection and design of customized antivibration mounts for the project

Test Laboratory

The Vibrostop laboratory is equipped with a dynamometer and an electrodynamic shaker for vertical and horizontal vibration assessment to determine both static and dynamic characteristics.

Product Customization

The choice of tested solutions that are already present in our catalogue makes it possible to optimize the ratio between performance, speed of delivery, and price. However, in the case of specific applications or customer needs, Vibrostop is equipped to customize existing vibration dampers or to design and manufacture completely novel ones. For laboratory activities that cannot be performed directly in the Vibrostop laboratory—such as chemical characterization of materials, assessment of resistance to atmospheric agents, or shock/vibration tests that cannot be performed using in-house equipment—Vibrostop avails itself of the services of certified external laboratories.