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Anti-vibration for Transport Sector

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Electronic devices, instruments and systems installed on vehicles for both road and rail transport are subject to stresses transmitted by the unevenness of the ground or the rail joints. If these stresses, in the form of vibrations or repeated shocks, are not sufficiently reduced by the vehicle’s main shock absorbing systems, they can have an effect on its running and on the duration of some of the systems installed on board. In other cases, the source of vibration is installed in the vehicle (the vehicle’s engine is an obvious example) and so any devices placed near it need to be protected. In all cases, devices installed in transport vehicles may be affected by accelerations in various directions, at times significant, either during normal use or in the case of exceptional events (accidents). For this reason, all the anti-vibration mounts installed must be of a sufficient size not only to optimise the reduction of vibration or impact stress, but also to resist inertia loads due specifically to these accelerations. The AAAAD and MM rubber anti-vibration mounts do not transfer the resistance of the fitting to the elastomeric component, but are designed to discharge any overloads to the metal parts. Another type of support that combines good isolation performance, both from vibrations and impacts, and also ensures a secure fixing in case of overloads, is the steel wire rope isolator range: the AVAU and Cavoflex series. The PGM mount is used particularly in transport vehicles with very limited space, as it has a very low overall height, being almost submerged within the thickness of the support structures.


Anti-vibration mounts for transport



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