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Power Generators

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In the power generation sector, we can consider both independent internal combustion engines as well as generators that combine an engine and an alternator for producing electricity.

Endothermic engines generate vibrations related to the combustion cycle and the alternating motion of the pistons: these vibrations have peaks corresponding to the multiple harmonics of the engine’s running speed.

Vibrations from alternators and turbines are due to eccentricity, misalignment and imbalance of the rotating parts and tend to increase with the wear of the components.

All these cases involve significant forces that are horizontal to the supporting plane, particularly during start-up, and so the selected anti-vibration mount must be able to sustain both vertical static loads as well as horizontal dynamic stress. The AA and TSZ mounts (for more substantial loads) are able to perform both tasks, while maintaining a secure fixing in the event of damage or wear of the elastomer.

Also in the field of electricity generation, transformers are static machines which, if large in size, can emit vibrations (and noise) at a frequency of 50 HZ, due to the magnetostriction of the metallic materials through which the electrical current passes. The Flexobloc and FX-R series of isolators can be used in this case, as horizontal forces are not a relevant factor.


Anti-vibration mounts for industrial machines

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