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The defence sector requires systems installed on land, air and sea transport vehicles to meet a variety of conditions, including the capacity to operate under quite significant vibratory and impulse stress, as well as other application or regulatory features (MIL-STD-810, MIL-S-901D, MIL-STD-167).

Some of the Vibrostop isolator series were developed precisely to meet these specific needs and subsequently also proved useful for protecting equipment in a wider range of scenarios. For example, the AVAU mounts were designed to protect electronic equipment on military land vehicles, where available space is often limited, thereby minimizing the overall dimensions in relation to the amount of energy absorbed. The AVAUD series was optimised to combine isolation of the vibrations and shocks typical of applications on military naval vessels.

Cavoflex are more standardised wire rope mounts and can therefore be used in a wider range of applications, with greater scope for adaptation to loads and sizes.

MM are rubber mounts used by the Italian Navy for vibration isolation and combine exceptional resistance to environmental agents with secure fixing in the event of exceptional overloads. MMC are specially designed to combine shock insulation, thanks to their significant deformation capacity, with elimination of any structure-borne noise transmitted by equipment suspended on the deck of a ship.

PGM and the smaller-sized wire rope mounts are both specifically applied in the aerospace industry for the protection of aviation instruments and components.


Anti-vibration mounts for the defense sector

Antivibranti in gomma MM



Antivibrante a fune d'acciaio CAVOFLEX