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Rubber anti-vibration mount

Antivibranti in gomma MM

The MM anti-vibration mounts, developed to solve vibration isolation problems on Italian Navy vessels, have medium-low frequencies (6-10 Hz) and exceptional strength and reliability, due to their metal parts made from steel (stainless or C40) and their elastomeric components, made from oil-resistant compounds.

Thanks to these features, use of the resilient MM range has extended over the years to include all areas in which potentially aggressive environments and secure installation are determining factors: the oil and mining industries, civil and military shipbuilding, the defence industry (at sea and on land), the railway industry and power generation.

They have also recently been used to replace regular rubber/metal anti-vibration mounts when the anchoring of the protected equipment is required to withstand the loads caused by earthquakes.

Features / benefits

  • load capacity range from 30 to 600 daN
  • multi-directional operation: compression, tension and shear
  • elastomer protection: high resistance to environmental agents
  • highly secure fixing (separate from the rubber component)
  • resistant to impact stress (tested with a 40g x 11m/s shock in accordance with MIL-STD-810)
  • anti-vibration isolator with seismic restraint
  • non-magnetic stainless steel version
  • availability of spare parts with possible replacement of the elastomeric component alone
  • detachable and recyclable steel parts