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Presses and hammers

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Equipment for working sheet metal (cutting, forging, moulding and bending), such as presses, hammers, shears and punching machines, can be significant sources of shocks and vibrations, which are transmitted through the base of the machine to the entire area in which they are installed. The main problem is to limit the transmission of impact stress (shock) and secondarily to isolate the vibrations generated in the structures in response to the impulse input received. These types of stress, both impulse and vibration, can have various consequences: an adverse effect on the working conditions of the employees, disturbance of nearby homes or offices, damage to structures and reduction of their useful life and interference with testing/measurement operations conducted within the same establishment. To prevent all these side effects of the main processing activities, the machines should be placed on anti-vibration shock-proof supports, either directly or, for better results, by creating an inertia base supported in turn on anti-vibration mounts. Depending on the loads and fixing requirements, BPDG or TSPP anti-vibration mats can be used for these purposes, or the Flexobloc and TSZ mounts, which are designed for fixings both to the floor and on the side of the machine.


Anti-vibration for presses and hammers

Antivibranti in gomma G



Antivibranti in gomma TSZ