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Petrochemical industry

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The mining and oil industries use machinery and equipment that can be significant sources of noise and vibration, for example, in operations involving drilling or the pumping of extracted materials. The plants themselves are also often composed of metal structures (for example, offshore oil platforms), which favour the amplification and transmission of vibrations introduced by the sources. Vibrations can cause fatigue damage to structures and machinery through constant stress, and plant operators are also subject to the disturbance caused by vibrations and noise, with consequences both in terms of stress and possible injury. There is therefore an evident overall need to use anti-vibration mounts for a two-fold purpose: to isolate vibration-generating machinery to prevent the transmission of vibrational energy to the structures of the extraction plant and to protect more sensitive systems (electrical panels, technical instruments and other electronic equipment) from environmental vibrations. If the objective of minimizing activity stoppages due to machine failure and the need to operate under the safest possible conditions are also considered, it is clear that the required anti-vibration devices need to be highly reliable and have safety systems to ensure the security of the fixings, even in the event of failure/wear of the rubber components. The AA series would therefore be the preferable choice in the Vibrostop range, together with the TSZ series for greater loads. Where maximum resistance to environmental agents (salt corrosion and extreme fluctuations in temperature) and/or contamination from oils and fuels is also required, isolators from the MM and Cavoflex series are the best options.


Anti-vibration mounts for Petrochemical Industry

Antivibranti in gomma MM



Antivibrante a fune d'acciaio CAVOFLEX