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Rubber anti-vibration mount

exagon 1 antivibrante vibrostop

Thanks to its hollow hexagonal cell design, the EXAGON rubber damper has a great deflection capacity and can therefore reduce vibrations generated by suspended sources even at quite low frequencies.

The EXAGON mount is used in particular in the manufacture of vibration platform fitness machines. The deflection and flexibility offered by the support facilitate the oscillation of the suspended platform while preventing the transmission of vibrations to the surrounding environment.

Another possible application of the EXAGON is protection of workshop equipment in production areas from possible minor shocks or impact from the surrounding environment (e.g. caused by nearby presses/cutting machines).

For greater loads, EXAGON 1 and 2 can be nested together to obtain a third shock absorber model with increased stiffness.

Features / benefits

  • loads from 10 to 60 daN
  • large deflection under load
  • low natural frequency value for high isolation


Applications of use