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Electrical switchboards

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Electrical switchboards usually do not contain significant sources of vibration, with the possible exception of cooling fans. However, they often need to be protected from vibrations present in the environment in which they are installed. Electrical and electronic components contained within the cabinet could be weakened by vibration or shock transmitted to the switchboard structure. The use of suitable vibration/shock isolators therefore serves to prevent malfunction, extend their working life and reduce maintenance operations. Switchboards installed in industrial environments should be protected, for example, from vibrations generated by the machinery and systems installed in the building, and from shocks caused by presses and hammers operating in the vicinity. Switchboards are often fitted to machine or plant structures that are sources of vibration in themselves. Another common situation is the isolation of switchboards installed on ships, where there may be significant environmental vibrations (for example, in the vicinity of the engine room); or, in the case of navy vessels, the switchboard may need to be protected from waves of impact transmitted through the hull and caused by underwater explosions. When there are sufficient isolators for vibration protection, the TSGE series can be used (if a floor fixing is not required), or FLEXOBLOCGSA or AA (the latter with movement suppression, necessary for installations on transport vehicles). If isolation from potential impacts is also required, the AVAU or Cavoflex wire rope mounts can be used. Sometimes it is sufficient to simply protect certain sensitive components contained in the switchboard. The isolators designed for lighter loads, such as AAD or Conic, can be used for this purpose.


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