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Rubber anti-vibration mount

Antivibranti in gomma EXAGON X

EXAGON X combines the great deflection capacity of the open hexagonal cell (which it shares with the EXAGON mount) with the ability to properly distribute forces at the mounting hole by means of a stainless steel plate.

It may thus be used both for isolating low-frequency vibrations (such as those that could be isolated using metal springs) and for protecting against shocks and impacts.

It may be used as an anti-shock device for relatively lightweight equipment which is generally not sufficiently protected by more massive rubber supports.

Features / benefits

  • loads from 5 to 50 daN
  • high isolation thanks to intrinsic low frequency
  • maximum impact deflection of 50 mm
  • excellent structural noise attenuation
  • maximum corrosion resistance (stainless steel metal parts)
  • completely nonmagnetic