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Rubber Anti-vibration Mounts

Antivibranti in gomma SILENTFIX

SILENTFIX vibration isolators allow ceiling installation of pipes, ducts, heat exchangers (fans) and speakers, while avoiding the problem of transmission of generated vibrations to the structure of the building.

The SILENTFIX rubber hanger is also indispensable for the decoupling of false ceilings installed for sound insulation purposes, where rigid fixings between the suspended framework and the original ceiling have to be avoided.

The galvanised steel external structure keeps the support of the suspended loads independent of the resistance of the rubber element, thereby increasing the reliability of the installation.

Features / benefits

  • load capacity range from 5 to 40 daN
  • designed specifically for the isolation of hanging loads (e.g. suspended ceilings)
  • highly secure fixing (separate from the rubber component)
  • availability of spare parts with possible replacement of the elastomeric component alone


Applications of use