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Anti-Vibration Mount for Fitness Sector

Fitness center equipment

Fitness centers in residential structures must be isolated as much as possible to protect neighbors from noise and vibrations generated by equipment or activities in the fitness center. An emblematic case is when a weightlifter lets the barbell fall to the floor: the percussive impact is transmitted to the floor and radiates through the structure, causing disturbance to building occupants in the form of noise. The situation may be greatly improved with the use of special platforms mounted on vibration dampers (TSPP or EXAGON) that absorb the impact and limit its transmission to the floor. In other cases, the vibration dampers may be an integral part of the equipment itself: EXAGON dampers may be used to allow oscillatory movement of the platforms while preventing the transmission of vibrations to the surrounding environment.


Anti-vibration mount for Fitness

Antivibranti in gomma EXAGON