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Vibration protection of artworks

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antivibranti opere d'arte

The enhancement of a work of art passes through its protection, conservation and use by the public who visits it. This is why it is very important to safeguard the works in order to preserve them in the best possible way.

For several years, Vibrostop has been developing anti-vibration mounts dedicated to reducing any type of vibration, both inside the museum and during the delicate phase of movement and transport to different places.

The possibility of moving a cultural asset is necessary to reach a wider audience, without however putting the work itself at risk.

In fact, in case of transport or high seismic areas, it is possible to install our anti-vibration mounts inside the structure that supports the work in order to drastically reduce the effects of movement caused by the ground, by transport but also by the flow of people who view it.


Antivibration for works of art



Antivibrante a fune d'acciaio CAVOFLEX