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Wire rope isolator

Antivibrante a fune d'acciaio AVAU

The AVAU steel wire rope shock absorber solves vibration and shock isolation problems in accordance with the strictest military standard requirements for performance and resistance to environmental agents (e.g. MIL-STD-810).

Wire rope anti-vibration mounts, particularly the AVAUs with their toroidal winding structure, have extremely high damping ratings (compared to elastomer-based anti-vibration mounts) and therefore have a great capacity to absorb and dissipate energy from shocks and protect the suspended equipment.

The all-metal construction (aluminium alloy and stainless steel) ensures durability without variation in the elastic properties, eliminating any need for spare parts or replacements.

Features / benefits

  • capacity range from 1 to 100 daN
  • anti-vibration/shock mount with multi-directional operation and perfectly isotropic in the vertical plane
  • minimum space requirement in relation to the amount of storable mechanical energy
  • exceptional reliability and durability
  • non-magnetic
  • high damping with low resonant amplification
  • operating temperatures: -100°C/+260°C


Applications of use