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A short distance from the iconic church in Via San Cristoforo and the Naviglio Grande, the City Hall 6 of Milan continues the artistic intervention begun years earlier with a work dedicated to Valentina, a famous character born from the pencil of Guido Crepax.
In 2021 the longest stretch of street art in Milan was inaugurated, this time dedicated to Diabolik, the famous thief of Italian comics. The tables show the most significant corners of the neighborhood and the Navigli area: this is how a real „artistic district of comics“ is being born.
The result of this urban redevelopment is due to the collaboration between the Municipality 6, the condominium in via Savona 97 (owner of the walls), the Astorina Publishing House (owner and rights of Diabolik) and the Museum of Cultures MUDEC, with the support of Vibrostop, which is located just beyond the wall enhanced by the young artists of „We Run the Streets“.

Press Review

In Via Pesto in Milan a large mural was created dedicated to Diabolik, an icon of Italian comics created in 1962 by Angela and Luciana Giussani. This is the second mural in the Milanese district dedicated to a cartoon character after that of Valentina by Guido Crepax dating back to 2019. The mural dedicated to Diabolik was born from the collaboration between Municipio 6, the Astorina publishing house, which publishes Diabolik’s comics , the condominium in Via Savona 97 (owner of the walls), the Museum of Cultures in Milan MUDEC and the technical and economic sponsors NewLac, Consorzio Bramante and Vibrostop.


With museums and comic festivals blocked and closed due to a pandemic, comics eventually found a brilliant way to escape and spill out into the open and back within sight. In Milan, in the Giambellino area, a beautiful initiative sponsored by Municipio 6 was launched from 24 March, which aims to celebrate the history and language of Italian comics while telling the city thanks to the touch of artists and designers. The goal of the entire operation is to redevelop via Pesto with a mural dedicated to Diabolik, not far from the other great work of street art in via San Cristoforo.


A mural dedicated (also) to Diabolik. It happens in the Giambellino area of Milan where on Wednesday 24 March the works for the artistic redevelopment of Via Pesto, between via Tolstoi and via San Cristoforo, began. In the district, in more detail, a mural will be created dedicated to the history of Italian comics; the work is sponsored by Municipality 6. „After the success of the work of over 400sqm in Via San Cristoforo, dedicated to Crepax and Valentina – explained the president of Municipality 6, Minniti – the idea launched by the Municipality to create a district that celebrates the history of Italian comics.


A street art project with the unusual title, especially these days, of „A wall that unites“, is transforming Milan into the Comics District. An initiative that, thanks to a series of gigantic murals, aims to celebrate those great characters invented by Milanese artists who have contributed to making their hometown one of the world capitals of the comics industry. And just recently a piece of Milan has been transformed into Clerville, the main theater city of Diabolik’s extraordinary exploits, without forgetting Lady Eva Kant, his inseparable companion, as well as his precious accomplice.


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