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Spring vibration damper

Antivibranti a molla MOPLA 1 HANGER

The MOPLA 1 HANGER spring suspension mount meets the requirements of the ASHRAE manual for isolating components of ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems suspended from ceilings (pipes, ducts and heat exchangers).

The spring element housed within the steel bracket allows deflections of up to 27 mm, with suspension frequencies comparable to those of normal spring vibration isolators (MOPLA) used at the base of vibration sources (pumps, air conditioners).

The combination of several elastomeric inserts prevents direct contact between the metal parts and enhances noise reduction performance, without reducing the security of the fixing in comparison with that of simple rigid mounts.

Features / benefits

  • wide range of load capacities, from 12 to 180 daN
  • low suspension frequency: 3 to 3.5 Hz
  • ideal for the suspension of pipes and ducting (HVAC)
  • high resistance to environmental agents
  • secure fixing


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