The very fact that ships are built primarily from metallic materials means that particular care needs to be taken to prevent sources of vibration on board (motors, pumps and other equipment) from transmitting excessive energy to the structures, where it would then be easily propagated, causing unacceptable vibration and noise levels for the well-being of the passengers and crew.

From another perspective, sensitive systems (electrical switchboards and electronic equipment) should be protected from the vibration level present in the environment, such as in the case of installations close to the engine room.

These two requirements, together with the fact that the equipment to be isolated is installed on a mobile vessel, and therefore subject to accelerations and movements that are part of the ship’s motion, indicate the choice of rubber isolators with metal elements to restrict displacement and provide the additional guarantee of a secure fixing: AA made from aluminium alloy and MM made from steel.

If exposure to salt corrosion requires more resistant materials, the AA series is available with electroplated light alloy parts and the MM series is available in stainless steel.

In the case of military shipbuilding, equipment often needs to be protected from shock as well as from vibration. The choices available for these applications include the resilient MMC, AVAU, AVAUD and Cavoflex series.