Pianos - Vibrostop

Playing a musical instrument is an extremely pleasant pastime, but it should not disturb the peace of any neighbours who may not wish to listen to the instrument owner’s practice sessions.

Pianos in particular are capable of emitting sounds at very low frequencies (as low as 30 Hz), which can be transmitted down the legs to the floor in the form of vibration and then radiate into the apartment below as sound pressure.

If the type of sound disturbing the neighbours is particularly connected with low frequencies (which have a greater capacity for propagation), before spending a lot of money on the construction of a soundproof music room decoupled from the floor and walls, it is worth trying TSPF mounts, which are specially designed for the isolation of piano legs.

If a noise isolation platform is placed under the piano, or other instruments, such as drum kits, standard version TSPP are recommended, due to their small size, to create discrete support points and decouple the entire platform from the floor.