Vibrostop supports the neighbourhood.

The Diabolik wall

Following the initiative of the Administrative Zone 6 of Milan to continue its artistic intervention in the area by commissioning a mural dedicated to Valentina, the famous character born of the pencil of Guido Crepax, 2021 has seen the inauguration of the longest stretch of street art in the city, this time inspired by Diabolik, the legendary Italian comic-book thief.
At a mere stone’s throw from the iconic Church of Saint Christopher sul Naviglio, a fully-fledged “comic book art district” is springing up with wall paintings showing the most significant corners of Milan’s Navigli neighbourhood.
The success of this urban regeneration project is to be attributed to the close collaboration between the Administrative Zone 6, the apartment building at 97 Via Savona (owner of the walls), the Astorina Publishing House (copyright owners of Diabolik), and the MUDEC Museum of Cultures, with support from Vibrostop, whose headquarters are just beyond the wall that has recently been enhanced by the young artists of “We Run the Streets”.